2011-2012 Season

So the big question has been of the summer (“Where are you going?”) has not been answered on here yet.  The international basketball market has been very different this year due to the pending NBA lockout and more budget cuts by teams as the economy around the world continues to struggle.  As the summer has gone on there haven’t been any opportunities that Joe has felt would be beneficial to our family or his career.  So we were ready to just wait around to see if the mid-season changes that a majority of the clubs go through would bring any desirable jobs.

But then last week Joe’s agent told him that Montepaschi Siena, one of the top clubs in Italy and all of Europe, was looking for a point guard to fill in some time while their starting point guard was with the Macedonian national team.  Although it isn’t a great money scenario, basketball wise it is a great opportunity.  He will be there for about a month and hopefully this situation will open up some more opportunities for the future.

This is a totally new situation for us as a family, but this isn’t surprising to me.  Joe’s career has not been one that would be described as neat and organized.  Some players spend their whole career in the same league, but Joe has played in the NBA, 3 different minor leagues in the U.S. and 5 different international countries in 8 cities.  He has played full seasons and half seasons.  So now he is adding another interesting aspect to his resume.

We are thankful for this opportunity he has and I will keep you updated on where the professional basketball world may take us next!