FAQ: Did You Always Want to Marry a Professional Athlete?

I have to admit that this question always makes me smile. No, I was never interested in marrying a professional athlete. I never really thought about what a professional’s athlete’s wife was like, so consequently I never desired it.

When I went to Penn State in 1998 to play soccer though, my brother somewhat prophetically told me he thought I would end up with a star football player (wrong sport, but right idea). I laughed at him and told him soon after getting there that I was certainly not interested in dating athletes. Being a part of the athletic scene, I was close enough to the action to see what most of these guys were like. Although I did end up dating several in my time there, it was usually by default. Just as many people in the entertainment business end up marrying one another, athletes always seem to be together and to understand the different pressures of the athletic life. Plus athletes all had a very similar schedules due to practice times and were required to do certain things like mandatory study hall all together.

As mention in my story about how we met, when I first saw Joe as a basketball player, I was anything but impressed.  And when we initially began talking, his being an athlete was not a positive in my book.  And the fact that he completely disliked school and was really only there for basketball wasn’t exactly a turn-on to  a girl who was in the honors college and preparing to write her thesis.  But any time he talked about playing professional basketball, I did fully believe he could do it.  I knew from the first week of dating that he had no other desire than to play professionally once his four years at Penn State were up, so if there was to be a future between us, I would need to be bought into being a professional athlete’s wife.  Of course, at that time I had no idea all that would entail!